Over three quarters of British adults are proud of the work they do, survey says

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4th September 2017 17:32 - Business Support

Over three quarters of British adults are proud of the work they do, survey says: A survey conducted by ComRes revealed that 79 per cent of adults are proud of their work, with 41 per cent claiming that they value their role more than the money they earn.Over three quarters of British adults are proud of the work they do, survey says

Conducted for BBC Radio 5, the survey investigates the extent of job satisfaction amongst British workers over the age of 18 - the results of which were categorised by age, social class, region, gender and public vs private sector.

Trends within the research typically suggest that workers over 34 years old are more likely to be settled in their job and those that work in the public sector are proud of the work they do.

Out of 1,143 respondents, the demographics with the highest satisfaction rates are as followed:

·       86 per cent of public sector workers take pride in the work they do

·       78 per cent of Londoners are happy in their job

·       74 per cent of women enjoy going to work most days

·       73 per cent of over 55s have never thought about quitting their job

·       72 per cent of the skilled working class enjoy their job

According to the Confederation of British Industry (CIB), the survey indicates that “the average British workplace is a good place to be.”

The business lobby group also believe that high levels of job satisfaction is something“we should all be aiming for, as it will help raise productivity.”

However, since the recession, people in the UK are working longer hours, for less permanent work, as a quarter of respondents agreed that they would take a pay cut to see more of their family. 

In addition, the survey indicates that 35 per cent of respondents have considered quitting their job, however those between the ages of 18-24 are happy with the job they are in.

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