Poll Finds Majority of British Public Want Mandatory Corporate Carbon Reporting

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21st March 2011 16:56 - Business Support

New market research commissioned by the government-funded Carbon Trust has found that seven in ten UK consumers say businesses should be required by law to report carbon emissions.

The phone poll of 1 000 British adults was conducted by WPP’s BrandZ analyst. They estimate that 2% of sales a brand achieves can be attributed to its environmental reputation.

A further email poll was e-mailed today by the low-carbon advocate. They found that in total, 90% of the people surveyed said companies should commit to reducing heat-trapping carbon dioxide emissions by 3% a year, while 70% said carbon reporting should be mandatory. A further 56% said they are more concerned than five years ago about business actions to combat climate change.

Only 7% actually believed companies who claim they have taken action to fight global warming.

This latest survey follows from the UK government’s launch of the world’s first legally binding carbon budget, which aims to achieve an 80% reduction of carbon emissions by 2050. Thus, mandatory reporting on carbon emissions by a large number of UK companies is soon to be a reality.

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