Poll Reveals Global Career Response of Workers to Ailing Economy

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14th April 2012 15:07 - Business Support

A global poll conducted by online recruitment company Monster has uncovered a growing trend of workers who are considering changing their career due to the poor state of the economy.

Of the 4,600 people polled, a total of  55% said they are actively thinking about making a career switch in response to the current economy and 30% said they would be happy to consider a move if they could find a better career.

Only 15% of respondents said they were happy with their career as it has not been impacted by the economy. Demographically however, a mere 9% of the Britons polled said the economy has not affected their career, compared to 15% of French employees.

In addition, more than half of workers in Asia, Europe and North America were found to be keen on changing their career to combat the weak economy. UK respondents were overwhelmingly in agreement about considering a career switch at 62% (two thirds).

Charles Purdy at Monster.com commented: “There are many types of career changes, with some people making a career ‘side-step,’ moving into a new kind of role within their current industry, while others may be making a more radical change. Before considering a change, workers need to do thorough research, making sure they have realistic expectations and a concrete plan for filling their skills gaps.”

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