Poll Shows Career Stagnation Puts Business Progression at Risk

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5th November 2012 15:19 - Business Support


Market research conducted by YouGov on behalf of career management firm Fairplace has found that companies who fail to discuss future career plans cause a drop in engagement amongst their employees.  

The poll of 2,027 UK workers found that as many as 39% of the respondents said they are “sleep walking” through their careers with no plans for progression in place.

Nearly two fifths have never discussed their career plans with their line manager, leading to a loss of enthusiasm. Of those who have had a talk with their boss about their future with the organisation, only 13% found it helpful.

Furthermore, a quarter of employees said they wouldn’t want to talk to their manager about their longer-term career development, while the figure increases to 41% amongst 18- 24 year old workers.

The poll also discovered that only one in ten workers feel they have opportunities for long-term development with their current employer, while a mere 16% think their current job is suited to their long-term career plans.

This suggests that employers are not creating a culture where staff can have an open and honest chat about their ambitions, with the result of workers ‘going through the motions’ instead of having a sense of direction and real engagement with the business.

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