Poll Shows PCs Destroyed by Office Workers to Obtain Upgrades

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14th April 2011 13:42 - Business Support

Online backup provider company Mozy has conducted a recent poll that reveals one in four European office workers think the best way to get a work phone or laptop replacement is to destroy it.

The Mozy research determined that the reason for this destruction mentality is that office workers are saddled with aging PC, laptops, and phones - only 40% of the European companies surveyed are meeting their upgrade plan.

Of the 600 IT managers and 3,000 employees across the UK, France and Germany who took part in the poll, Britons have been found to be particularly prone to what Mozy calls the “Past-it PC” problem.

The survey reported: "In the UK, the average workplace computer should have been thrown on the scrapheap over two years earlier and is twice as old as the average computer used in Germany."

Even so, UK office workers are less likely to destroy their equipment than their French counterparts – just 13% of the Britons polled said they are likely to damage their equipment to get an upgrade, compared to over 20% of French workers.

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