Recession Blues - Survey Finds Rise in UK Employee Dissatisfaction

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22nd June 2012 14:49 - Business Support

According to the latest ‘What’s Working’ survey of 2,400 UK employees in over 1,000 private sector organisations, there has been a marked decline in commitment and job satisfaction amongst Britons since 2006, when the study was last conducted.

Over half of the British workers surveyed are unhappy at work, and over a third are seriously considering leaving their jobs.

Senior managers were found to be most likely to be secretly job hunting at 53%, with middle management surveyants at 41%. Of those discontented with their jobs, the study found the 25-34 age group to be highest.

UK Head of Human Capital at Mercer, Chris Johnson, commented on the current trend: “During the recession, many employees have faced a mix of pay freezes, training and benefit cuts, and limited promotion opportunities – and have often absorbed extra workloads due to redundancy programmes... Many are still feeling vulnerable and generally unhappy with their lot.”

He added: “Overall, what we’re seeing is a general malaise in the workplace. This apathy and disengagement at work can undermine business performance – especially in a post-recession period when companies need commitment from their workforce and energy to drive business growth.”

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