Salary and work-life balance most important to employees, reveals poll

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22nd May 2019 15:24 - Business Support

Salary and work-life balance most important to employees: A survey by Aviva insurance has revealed insight into the benefits which attract employees to roles – with salary and work-life balance coming out on top when it comes to searching for a new job. 

The research polled 2,000 employees and 500 employers from a variety of business sizes to find out which benefits matter the most.

When it comes to looking for a new role, the survey found that salary was a priority for 41% of employees, equally matched with work-life balance – also chosen by 41% of respondents.  For 36% of employees, location was rated highly in terms of attracting them to a role, followed by career progression (22%), company reputation (20%), people and culture (19%) and the benefits package (13%). Other answers included pension contribution of the employer (11%), bonus (8%) and perks (6%).

Why employees stay in a role

Looking at why employees stay in a role, 44% said that work-life balance was the top reason, while four in ten said it was salary (40%) followed by location (34%), people and culture (26%) and opportunities available to them for career progression (17%).

For 13% of respondents the benefits package attracted them to staying in their role, as did pension contribution (11%), bonus (9%) and other perks (6%).

Men v Women

The survey revealed differences in the priorities of male and female workers, with 48% of men driven by salary, compared to 35% of women. Work-life balance was more important to women (44%) than it was to men (38%), as was location, with 40% women saying it was important compared to 32% of men.

Salary was the main motivator for 45% of workers in larger businesses (500+ employees), while in micro businesses (0-9 employees) just 3 in 10 said it was the main incentive for taking a role.

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