Seven in 10 UK workers say their company has taken steps to address mental health during COVID-19 pandemic, reveals survey

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7th May 2020 12:02 - Business Support

Seven in 10 UK workers say their company has taken steps to address mental health during COVID-19 pandemic: A survey of employees from across a range of UK businesses has revealed that 70% say their company has taken measures to ensure that their mental health and wellbeing is addressed as they work from home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Slightly more (72%) said they have also been spoken to about how they might best approach their role remotely. 

The research by idea management firm, Wazoku, polled 1,980 UK workers, with 86% revealing that they have been given all the advice and technical know-how they need to enable them to work from home comfortably and effectively.

Eight out of 10 respondents (80%) said that coronavirus is the greatest challenge they have experienced since they entered the work market. 

Feelings of isolation were also touched upon, with 71% saying they feel 'cut off' from the wider workplace community, with 'internal collaboration around ideas' being the area most people are feeling estranged from, followed by 'external collaboration around ideas (23%).

Revealing the measures that businesses have employed to try and motivate their staff, 'regular one-to-one calls' was the top answer given, with 44% saying this is a regular feature in their company. . Almost a third of respondents said they have been given 'specific best-practice tips and guidance on working from home' (31%), while 28% have daily company-wide video calls.  A quarter of the employees polled (24%) said their company has provided them with subscriptions to online video conferencing software such as Teams or Zoom, while 13% said they have enjoyed 'virtual team lunches', with colleagues.

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