Singapore has been the best place to do business for seven consecutive years

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20th November 2014 12:16 - Business Support

Out of 82 countries, Singapore has ranked number one for the best place to do business, for 7 consecutive years. The success was due to its economy being “efficient” and “open”.

Amongst the top 5 countries were: Australia, Hong Kong, Switzerland and Sweden.

Variables such as: taxes, infrastructure, the labour market, a country’s politics and receptiveness of foreign investment, were examined in order to rank each country accordingly.

In the 2014 rankings, the UK ranked 1 place higher than last year at a respectable 21, below France and Austria.

Top 10 places to do business:

1. Singapore

2. Switzerland

3. Australia

4. Hong Kong

5. Sweden

6. Canada

7. United States

8. Denmark

9. New Zealand

10. Finland

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