Survey Finds Busy Britons Losing Out on Lunch Hour

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25th January 2013 16:41 - Business Support


A survey commissioned by food and drink company Princes, which questioned 2,000 full-time workers, has shown that most Britons have so much to get done at work that they now take just 29 minutes for their lunch break – this adds up to over 16 eight hour work days annually.

A year ago, the average lunch break across Britain was measured at 33 minutes, but the latest study reveals this has shrunk by a further four minutes over the last 12 months.

These latest findings follow another recent study which found that as many as 60% of UK employees don't even take lunch breaks – they simply eat their sandwiches at their desks while they work.

The fact that lunch breaks are becoming shorter and shorter is tied to the current weak economy, which is placing employees under increasing pressure – most of the surveyants claimed they were prevented from taking lunch because they simply had too much to do, while one in seven (14%) said they hoped to impress their boss by taking shorter breaks or working straight through.

Currently, two out of five respondents admit skipping lunch more than five times a month, with Estate agents and doctors being the worst affected as on average they skip lunch 10 times per month.

The survey also found a distinct regional divide - respondents in Birmingham and Coventry taking the shortest lunch at just 25 minutes, while those in South Eastern cities such as Chelmsford and Oxford have the longest at 34 minutes.

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