Survey Finds Sick Leave in the UK Work Place on the Decline

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12th May 2011 16:38 - Business Support

A new survey has shown that work absences due to sickness are continuing to fall in the UK - employees took an average of 5.0 days off due to sickness last year compared to 6.7 days in 2007.

The survey, carried out by Sheffield-based health insurance provider Westfield Health and the manufacturers’ organisation known as EE also showed that 45% of employees took no days off at all because of sickness in 2010.

Jill Davies, Westfield Health Chief Executive, commented: “The workforce is an employer’s most valuable asset and the falling sickness absence rates show that the right steps are being taken to continue this positive trend.”

According to the EFF, the survey results highlight a link between the decreased absenteeism and tougher absence targets being set by companies, as well as the provision of manager training to deal with sick leave.

Speaking on the subject, EEF Chief Medical Adviser, Professor Sayeed Khan, said: “If we are to see the trend continuing to improve and the economic benefit to the UK economy this brings, it is vital that government continues to fund the training of GPs in health and work issues,”

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