Survey Finds UK Businesses Losing Billions by Being Inflexible with Employees

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15th December 2011 16:00 - Business Support


IT service provider 2e2 has conducted a survey which suggests that inflexibility in the workplace is costing UK businesses over £2.2 billion per year.

The study found that transport delays alone cause the average worker to lose 1.5 working days per year, equating to a business loss of £1.21 billion.

In addition to this wasted time, difficult commutes are causing employees to be more stressed when they finally reach the office, which significantly impacts on their productivity and results in a business cost of £1.03 billion each year.

Thus, the combined loss in commercial revenue caused by both transport delays and reduced productivity amounts to more than £2.24 billion.

The survey also found that these losses could be easily remedied if UK employers grant their workers more flexibility to carry out their jobs, since almost two thirds of respondents said they would be more productive if allowed more leeway in their working conditions.

Furthermore, 55% of the surveyants said they are far more productive when working from home as opposed to the office.

Director at 2e2, Mike Hockey, concluded: "Employers often don't realise the impact of working culture on productivity. Different people have different working patterns and the traditional nine to five way of working doesn't suit everyone."

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