Survey Highlights Need for UK Employers to Tap Into Jobless Underclass

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22nd June 2012 13:24 - Business Support

A survey by recruitment company Adecco has shown that as many as three-quarters of UK employers believe there is an emerging permanent ‘underclass’ of people who are not employable.

In total, 73% of the employers surveyed agree there is a definite unemployable underclass, while 84% of employees in a parallel survey concurred.

These findings are worrying to analysts as this poses a significant threat to the future skills landscape in Britain. Meanwhile, official employment figures released yesterday show that 2.62 million Britons are now out of work, with youth unemployment topping one million.

Chris Moore, Managing Director of Adecco Group Solutions, commented: “Employers need to act now to stop the rot and expand their horizons to identify new, untapped pools of talent. Taking on young people from diverse backgrounds is not just good from a corporate responsibility perspective; it actually benefits the organisation in terms of innovation, culture and, ultimately, bottom line performance.”

He added that UK employers need to tap into the disenfranchised sections of society: "We need to move away from this out-dated notion that apprenticeships are only for blue collar jobs; there is unquestionable evidence to prove the value apprentices bring to all types of business.”

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