Survey Shows Fewer People Claiming for Compensation

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31st July 2014 15:52 - Business Support

The number of people who claim after suffering from a personal injury has decreased in recent months, according to new poll results.

The survey was conducted with 2,212 UK adults (aged 18+), with an additional 441 adults who had been involved in a personal injury or clinical negligence claim, giving it a net sample of 2,653 participants.

In April, 2014, one quarter (25%) of the survey’s respondents who had been involved with a personal injury had claimed – 4% less than July 2013’s figure (29%).

More than one third (35%) of those questioned said the main reason they had not bothered to claim was because they did not think the accident or illness/disease they were involved with was bad enough to warrant a claim.

Other reasons given for not claiming compensation were: not believing in claiming compensation (22%); not thinking the case was strong enough to win the claim (9%); feeling the claim-making process would be too time consuming (7%) and concerns surrounding the costs of making a claim (5%).

Furthermore, the number of people who have received unsolicited phone calls has continued to increase over the last three years – 40% in 2012, 42% in 2013 and almost half (47%) in 2014.

Uninvited text messages and emails, on the other hand, have decreased:

  2012 2013 2014
Text messages 43% 39% 37%
Emails 27% 24% 22%

Direct marketing from claims companies have reportedly paid their dividends though, with 13% of the survey’s sample stating they hadn’t originally intended to make a claim, but that they changed their mind when they were contacted directly by an adviser who persuaded them to claim for compensation. 

The research in this insight was conducted by YouGov.

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