Survey Uncover UK Workers Increasing Resent Employer Overspending

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28th March 2012 17:34 - Business Support

Market research by conference call company Powwownow has revealed that almost a third of UK workers are unhappy about their companies’ excessive spending.

A total of 1,000 UK employees were asked how they perceived the spending habits of the company they work for, with 30% of respondents rating company spending as "too much" or "excessive".

The study also found that employees are equally dismayed at their boss's personal spending habits, and feel that their employers have ‘more money than sense’. Many surveyants said directors' salaries would be better reinvested - 38% said they would spend more money on training and 30% would invest more money on staff

In addition, the study highlighted the relationship between salaries earned and inequality felt. Only 2% of workers earning over £80,000 felt their boss or company had 'more money than sense', while the figure stood at 23% for those who earn less than this amount.

Andrew Pearce, Powwownow Co-founder, commented: "All business are being asked to do more with less staff and less money, whilst still trying to maintain a profit. And although we understand there are many happy offices in the UK, an increasing number appear to be plagued by employee resentment at either their company's and/or boss's over-spending."

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