Survey finds employees are willing to blow the whistle on unethical employers

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26th April 2016 10:36 - Business Support

A recent business support survey has revealed that more than 4 in 5 employees at SMEs (small to medium size businesses) would blow the whistle on unethical employers, or those acting unethically at work.Survey finds employees are willing to blow the whistle on unethical employers

The survey, which was conducted by the Software Alliance, also known as BSA, also uncovered that 10 per cent of employees claimed to know of unethical or illegal activities taking place in their workplace.

Of all the issues employees are likely to report, bullying was the most frequently cited, with 73 per cent saying that they would report a bully manager.

Following bullying as the most cited issue most likely to be reported was fraud (70 per cent), theft (61 per cent), embezzlement (58 per cent), tax evasion (45 per cent) and failure to hit industry standards (44 per cent).

As well as this, 38 per cent of employees said that they would blow the whistle on management for unethical or illegal IT practices, for example the use of fake or unlicensed software.

The market research also revealed that whistleblowing rose by 58 per cent in the last 12 months at a cost of £42,000. One case against a small or medium sized business for using unlicensed IT software cost the company £200,000.

Despite the potential for large fines, many businesses are aggressively confident about the likelihood of whistleblowing, with 55 per cent of the survey respondents saying that their company had not grown any more concerned about reports of illegal or unethical practices.

As well as these findings, 56 per cent of the participants said that they would be hesitant to apply for a job with a business who had either been found guilty or accused of unethical or illegal activities in their company.

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