Survey reveals that 25 per cent of managers struggle with admin every day

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10th February 2017 11:42 - Business Support

Survey reveals that 25 per cent of managers struggle with admin every day: A recent business support survey by the global telecommunications firm, Immervox, has revealed that company bosses in the United Kingdom are reporting a significant drain on their time at the hands of administration tasks – time which could be spent better elsewhere.Survey reveals that 25 per cent of managers struggle with admin every day

The survey has revealed that small businesses are being affected by this the most, with 35 per cent of SME bosses spending too much time on paperwork. The survey found that the time spent on administration tasks is triple the time spent focussing on customer services.

Immervox’s management pressures and productivity survey questioned senior managers from 144 companies throughout the United Kingdom to reveal what areas of their business were not performing as well as they could.

The findings showed that tasks are evenly important across the board, with the responses, which ranged from ‘innovating’ to ‘planning’, barely fluctuating as statistics demonstrate a balanced distribution of tasks.

On the other hand, the managers from larger companies said that they are able to focus on three key aspects of their job; innovating, planning, and customer service.

According to the findings, a lack of investment in IT systems was found to have a significant role in holding back productivity in large companies, with over half (51 per cent) of managers saying this. On the other hand, just 8 per cent of managers in small businesses said the same.

This survey was organised in conjunction with an Immervox report into the importance of IT system investment. The report highlights the four key IT innovation trends for businesses in 2017.

  • Adaptability is key
  • Fast innovation
  • Adopt remote working
  • The Internet of Things is driving digital transformation

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