The biggest obstacle to getting a job is age discrimination according to survey respondents

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19th February 2019 17:25 - Business Support

The biggest obstacle to getting a job is age discrimination according to survey respondents: A national survey of job-seekers has revealed respondents looking for work believe age discrimination is the biggest obstacle to them getting back into employment. 
The survey polled 2,027 respondents who had previously worked in management, executive administration or manual labour who were not currently in employment, education or training for work and found almost a quarter (24%) believed the top reason they were overlooked was because of a younger person being favoured.
Asked about what they felt was preventing them from getting back into employment, a third (32%) said they felt the skills they now need compared to when they trained are very different, while 29% believe jobs are offered in-house to people already working for the company. Technology was also blamed by 15% of respondents for making many jobs redundant, along with not being able to find a role to suit them (11%), being repeatedly unsuccessful at interview (11%), poor health (9%), and loss of confidence (6%). 
Six per cent said they still didn’t know what they wanted to do - which held them back.
When it came to interviews, over half (55%) said they prepared well for interviews by reading articles and researching the company including information about who was interviewing them, with an additional 4% trying to reach out to someone in the business before the interview.
 Just under a quarter, however, said that they just a have a quick look at the website before they go to the interview. Not knowing how to prepare for the interview was an issue for 11% while 7% admitted to doing nothing at all in preparation. 
Support wish list
The poll also revealed the areas respondents would like some support in to help increase their chances of being selected at interview. One in five (21%) said they would like more help in ascertaining which jobs were relevant to them, while 18% would like to improve their interview technique. For 17%, support with writing their CV would help them back into work, while 14% believe feedback after the interview would be helpful so they could learn from constructive comments. 

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