Two fifths of Brits think businesses should do more for charity

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30th October 2017 17:36 - Business Support

Two fifths of Brits think businesses should do more for charity

Two fifths of Brits think businesses should do more for charity: YouGov and the Greg Secker Foundation conducted a survey which interviewed over 2,000 British adults about their thoughts on how businesses can better contribute to the charity sector.

Out of those surveyed, 43% thought it should be a lawful requirement for businesses with more than 50 employees to give a percentage of their profits to charity each year. On the other hand, 46% believed that businesses shouldn’t be forced to donate their profits.

Overall, 41% of respondents thought businesses ought to do more for charities, and were asked to give their opinions on what they thought was an ideal percentage to donate.

Figures showed that respondents would prefer businesses to donate...

·       1-5% of their profits (26%)

·       6-10% of their profits (16%)

·       more than 10% of their profits (12%)

In addition, a quarter of respondents (26%) believed businesses are doing the right amount of work to help charities and only 4% thought businesses should be doing less.

The survey also asked respondents if their opinion of a business would change if they knew that 5% of their profits were donated charity.

Out of those surveyed, two fifths (43%) said they would have a positive opinion about the business, one fifth (20%) said they would use that company over its competitors and 17% said they would recommend the business to a family member or a friend.  

Commenting on the survey’s results, Founder of the Greg Secker Foundation, Greg Secker, said: "UK businesses are already doing excellent work for the third sector and the Government's tax relief incentives are certainly a step in the right direction.”

He adds: “However, what these results show is there is public appetite for more, both morally and legally. Time and time again, we see the benefits [that] a thorough corporate social responsibility programme offers businesses, with the figures here speaking for themselves.”

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