55% UK adults approve of the decisions made by Boris Johnson when it comes to the Ukraine crisis, finds poll

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16th June 2022 11:46 - Central Government

55% UK adults approve of the decisions made by Boris Johnson when it comes to the Ukraine crisis: A survey of 8,000 UK adults has revealed that more than half (55%) approve of the decisions made by Boris Johnson over Ukraine, with a quarter disapproving.

When it came to those who voted Conservative in the 2019 election, eight in 10 said they approved of Johnson’s overall response to the crisis, while 38% of 2019 Labour voters said the same.

The study by former Conservative Deputy Chairman Lord Ashcroft polled 8,000 British adults to uncover their opinions on the leaders of the two biggest political parties in the UK. The survey looked at key points during the Prime Minister’s time in office and asked for the public’s opinions on the topics.

The polling also asked questions around ‘Party-gate’ -- one of the most controversial stories breaking during the course of Boris Johnson's career as Prime Minister. While 15% of respondents said they believe the matter to be ‘trivial’ with 'far too much attention' being paid to the events (rising to 30% of Conservative voters), 47% said Johnson should resign over it, including nearly 1 in 5 of those who voted Conservative in 2019 (18%) and 79% of 2019 Labour voters.

One in three overall agreed with the statement: “if lockdown rules were broken that is a serious issue, but there are more important things going on and Boris Johnson should be allowed to concentrate on those instead ”, rising to 49% of those who voted Conservative in the 2019 election and 14% of Labour voters.

Where the focus should be

When asked about which key factors they thought were most important to the UK, six in 10 (60%) cited the cost living crisis as a major issue. Furthermore, half of those surveyed said they felt more needed to be done to help the NHS, with three in 10 believing the Prime Minister should focus more on the economy.

In addition, 23% of respondents said climate change is a major issue, with a further 16% saying more needs to be done about immigration.

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