55% of UK voters think latest government guidance around COVID-19 is unclear

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16th July 2020 18:49 - Central Government

55% of UK voters think latest government guidance around COVID-19 is unclear: A YouGov survey asking adults in the UK about how clear they feel the latest Government advice is around COVID-19 has revealed more than half believe the advice is unclear. 

The survey of 2,298 people found that almost a third of people polled believe the advice is 'fairly unclear' (32%), while almost a quarter (23%) believe it is 'very unclear'. 

Just 8% of respondents said that the advice has been 'very clear', while 32% said they have found it 'fairly clear'.

Looking at the survey results according to gender, 56% of female respondents said they think the advice has been 'fairly' or 'very' unclear, compared to 54% of male respondents - with 41% of male and female participants believing the current advice to be 'fairly' or 'very' clear.  

The number of Conservative voters who believe the most recent coronavirus advice has been clear was far greater than the percentage of Labour, or Liberal Democrat voters (63%, 25%, 22% respectively). Just over a third of Conservative voters (35%) believe the advice to be 'fairly' or 'very' unclear, compared to three quarters of Labour voters (74%) and 78% of Lib Dems. 

More than seven in 10 people who voted to remain in the UK said they found the latest advice unclear (71%), compared to 43% of Leave voters.

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