A third of Brits in Conservative constituencies across the North and Midlands believe Boris Johnson has done a 'good job' dealing with Covid-19

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24th January 2022 10:57 - Central Government

A third of Brits in Conservative constituencies across the North and the Midlands  believe Boris Johnson has done a 'good job' dealing with Covid-19: A recent survey by Deltapoll for The Mail on Sunday has uncovered that just over a third of voters in Conservative constituencies in the North and areas across the Midlands are of the opinion that Boris Johnson has done a good job in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. 
The study polled voters in constituencies that were gained by the Conservatives in the North and Midlands and found that many people who voted for the Conservatives in the last election may change their votes before the next general election. 
While the study showed a lack of support for the Prime Minister, more people feel Rishi Sunak has done a ‘good job’ during the pandemic (45%), than those who believe he’s done a ‘bad job’ (40%).
Furthermore, just under a quarter (24%) of those polled said they do not believe Boris Johnson will be leader of the Conservative Party in 12 months’ time, with just under three-quarters (74%) saying they don’t trust the Prime Minister to tell the truth.
When asked who they thought would make a better Prime Minister, 38% of those surveyed said Kier Starmer, in comparison to just a third (33%) who said Boris Johnson. This might explain why four in 10 Brits believe Labour will win the next General Election, compared to 35% backing the Tories.
In light of rumours surrounding members of parliament breaking lockdown rules, the participants were asked whether the Prime Minister should resign if he broke the rules, with 65% saying he should resign if lockdown rules were not followed.
During the last General Election, the Conservatives won 57 seats in the North and Midlands; however nearly half (49%) believe that at the next election, Labour will win the seats back, with just a third believing the Conservatives will retain them.

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