Biggest ever Brexit poll reveals majority are in favour of leaving the EU

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16th October 2019 17:34 - Central Government

Biggest ever Brexit poll reveals majority are in favour of leaving the EU: The largest survey on Brexit since the referendum in 2016 has revealed that the majority of people are in favour of leaving the EU.

The poll of over 26,000 UK adults by ComRes for Channel 5 took place between 2 - 14 October (published on 15 October) and has found that half (50%) the respondents polled want the 2016 referendum result to be honoured and Britain leave the European Union. This breaks down as 30% wanting to leave with a deal in place, while 20% said they are happy to leave with 'no-deal'. 

Those in favour of remaining in the EU stood at 42%. 

What's more, when the answers of 'don't know' are removed, the weighting stands at 54% in favour of leaving, with 46% in favour of remaining in the EU. 

The survey also asked respondents if leaving the EU on a 'no deal' basis would be good or bad for the UK - or make no difference, with almost half (49%) saying it would be ‘bad for the UK’. Fewer than a quarter (23%) said that it would be ‘good for the UK’, while 15% said it would make no difference. 

In terms of regions, 59% of Scots, 57% of Londoners (57%) and 57% of respondents from Northern Ireland (57%) felt that leaving without a deal in place would not be good for the UK. 

The survey found than women are less likely than men to say that leaving the EU without a deal would be good for the UK (28% vs 42%). However women were found to be more likely than men to believe that a no-deal Brexit would be bad for the UK (51% to 48%). 

Looking at the idea of a second EU referendum with the options ‘deal, ‘no deal’ and ‘remain’ on the ballot paper, 45% of  respondents were opposed. While 41% were in favour.

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