Data Processing & Analysis Survey Shows Gaps in Government Communication

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30th May 2012 16:38 - Central Government

A survey called ‘Communicating with the Citizen' by YouGov and business analytics software provider SAS has found that the Government is missing out on valuable public feedback.

The market research looked into the responses of 2,160 British citizens - it found that 82% of these surveyants have never knowingly provided false information in a government agency form.

This indicates that the public sector could collect a central repository of reliable and valuable data if it improved it information gathering abilities and maximised its response rates to official communications.

Respondents also suggested that the government could maintain or improve communication by clarifying what information is being asked, using simpler language plus having the ability to complete forms and payments online.

Director, Public Sector at SAS UK & Ireland, Bernard Baker, commented: "By sourcing data of such a high calibre, individual agencies and central government will be better equipped to segment data, perform better profiling of citizens and improve overall citizen intelligence through high-performance analytics.”

He added: "Gaining the ability to identify subgroups within the community and then pinpoint the best methods to communicate with those specific demographics will put public servants in a much stronger position to provide citizens with improved services."

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