Four in five UK adults believe it is important to have close relationship with EU despite Brexit, reveals survey

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29th September 2020 19:05 - Central Government

Four in five UK adults believe it is important to have close relationship with EU despite Brexit: A survey of UK adults aged between 16-75 has found that 80% think it is important that the UK maintains a close relationship with the EU, despite Brexit. However, just 39% think that this will be a likely outcome - down from 52% in 2019 when the same question was asked.

The survey, which polled 1,068 UK adults between 10 - 14 September, was conducted on behalf of the EU-UK forum - an organisation formed in Brussels to ‘facilitate and nurture constructive and informed dialogue between the UK and the EU'.

The research also found that 40% believe the top priority for Britain's relationship with the EU is to 'secure a trade agreement'. Looking at the top priority in terms of 'Leave' and 'Remain' voters, the survey found that while 47% of Remainers said trade is the top priority, the top priority for Leavers was immigration. 

When asked whether the UK is 'a force for good in the world', just under half (49%) said it is - a fall of 10 points since last year, when it was 59%. 

Again, the survey looked at the views of 'Remainers' and 'Leavers', finding that 65% who favour leaving the EU believe that the UK is a 'force for good in the world', compared to 45% of those who want to remain. 

The survey also revealed that 38% believe the UK should stop pretending it is an 'important power' - an increase of 5 percentage points since 2019 when a third (33%) of participants said the same. More than a quarter of Leavers (28%) said Britain should stop pretending it is an important power, compared to half the Remainers polled (50%).

Also revealed by the research was that four out of 10 respondents believe that Europe is the most  important relationship with the UK, ahead of the Commonwealth and the US.

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