Global Poll Measures Best and Worst Places for Quality of Living

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4th December 2012 17:49 - Central Government


Mercer's recent Quality of Living Survey has seen London ranked top place to live in the UK, followed by Birmingham, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

Nevertheless, London only ranked 38th on the list of top cities in the world, although it did achieve sixth place for the quality of its infrastructure i.e. supply of electricity, water, communication services and public transport.

Singapore gained the highest ranking for best infrastructure in the world, followed by Frankfurt and Munich. Infrastructure is considered one of the biggest impacts on quality of life for people.

Crowned in first position, the top place to live in the world is Vienna (Austria), followed by Zurich (Switzerland), Auckland (New Zealand), Munich (Germany) and Vancouver (Canada).

In contrast, the place that ranked lowest in the survey was Port-au-Prince (Haiti), with Baghdad (Iraq) in second worst position.

Overall, the Middle East and Africa have 15 cities in the bottom 20 of the listing, while Europe has 15 cities among the world's top 25 cities for quality of living.

The global poll covered 221 cities across the world and ranked them against New York, which was the ‘sample’ city.

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