Government internet surveillance now supported by over 60% of Brits

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12th January 2016 16:30 - Central Government

Around 63% of Brits are beginning to embrace the idea of internet surveillance carried out by the government; however fear of how personal details will be stored is still at the forefront of people’s minds.

A study carried out by Broadband Genie revealed that it could be down to the ever real threat of terrorist attacks that has resulted in the public’s change of heart, with around 27% stating that their views had been significantly altered due to the latest attacks by ISIS.

It was also found that although 63% now back the concept of online surveillance an equal 67% still harbour concerns regarding private web data being stored securely. This issue would clearly need to be addressed quickly and efficiently due to the fact that the Investigatory Powers Bill would require internet service providers to keep hold of individuals browsing history for 12 months.

Commenting on the survey findings, Rob Hilborn, Broadband Genie’s Head of Strategy stated:

"The public are quite rightly concerned with their web history being stored by service providers for this length of time, especially considering the high profile attacks on TalkTalk and Vodafone last year. It’s imperative the government addresses how it plans to minimise the risk of this sensitive personal information being stolen.”

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