Half of Brits think Cabinet should be able to lobby for or against Brexit

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2nd November 2015 10:22 - Central Government

A recent survey by Huffington Post UK has revealed that 55 per cent of British people feel that Cabinet ministers should be able to campaign Half of Brits think Cabinet should be able to lobby for or against Brexitfor or against the Brexit, as they wish, whilst just 25 per cent said that the Cabinet had a responsibility to stick to the Government’s line.

The survey of 1,008 people - which was carried out in September 2015, ahead of the Conservative party conference - also revealed that 27 per cent of voters are less likely to vote for the Conservatives in the 2020 election as a result of the tax credit cuts. On the other hand, 14 per cent said the cuts would increase the likelihood of them voting for the Tories in 2020.

David Cameron has been put under pressure recently to allow the Cabinet to lobby for Britain's exit of the European Union, even if he recommends a vote to stay within the EU at the referendum promised to take place before 2017.

The Mayor of London and member of the Cabinet, Boris Johnson, said that allowing ministers to campaign against the Prime Ministers Brexit vote would "probably be safer and more harmonious".

The survey also discovered that more than one in three voters feel that David Cameron should step down from his role as the Prime Minister if the public vote to leave the European Union. However, 40 per cent said that he should remain Prime Minister regardless of the outcome of the referendum.

According to the findings, 65 per cent of voters in Britain feel that the Government cuts had personally affected them – 23 per cent said they’d been affected a lot, and 42 per cent said they had been affected a little. On the other hand, 35 per cent said that the cuts had not affected them or their family.

Of the voters, more than 25 per cent said that they would be personally affected by the cuts to working tax credits, with just 20 per cent of Conservative voters indicating that they will be affected either a little or a lot.

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