International Survey Measures Least and Most Corrupt Countries in the World

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6th December 2012 15:27 - Central Government


A global survey by Transparency International has carried out its latest annual index which scored 174 countries on how corrupt their public sectors are perceived to be.

The research was gathered by capturing views of analysts, business professionals and other experts in each country. The scale rated 0 as highly corrupt and 100 as very clean.

The least corrupt nations were found to be Denmark, Finland and New Zealand in top place with a score of 90, followed by Sweden (88), Singapore (87), Switzerland (86), Australia and Norway (85) then Canada and the Netherlands (84).

In contrast, the most corrupt nations were Somalia, North Korea and Afghanistan (8), Sudan (13), Myanmar (15), Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan (17), Iraq (18) then Venezuela, Haiti and Chad (19).

The UK, in joint position with Japan, was rated as the 17th least corrupt country in the world (74 out of 100 points) due to having comparatively high levels of transparency and a relatively tough stance on the abuse of power.

Despite some of the countries scoring well, two thirds of the 174 locations on the global index scored below 50, which means that overt corruption continues to ravage many societies around the world. 

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