Just 15% of Brits think Government has managed immigration ‘competently and fairly’, survey reveals

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17th September 2018 15:54 - Central Government

Just 15% of Brits think the Government has managed immigration ‘competently and fairly’: A major survey conducted over the last two years has found that just 15 percent feel the Government has handled immigration in a competent and fair manner. 
The National Conversation on Immigration report, which polled almost 20,000 people at meetings around the UK is the largest public consultation on immigration to date, also found that only 17 percent trust the government to tell the truth when it comes to immigration. 
The research carried out by think tank British Future in collaboration with HOPE not Hate, an anti-racism charity also found some interesting insight into the public perception of immigration, which differed from some of the polarised debates online.
Majority of people are 'balancers'
Despite reservations about ministers’ ability to manage immigration, the report found people had a more balanced outlook on immigration than the view often presented in the media. The report dubs these people ‘balancers’ and says the majority of those who responded on the citizen’s panel can be described as such, seeing both the ‘pressures and gains of immigration.”  
Findings also revealed 65 percent of respondents believed migrants were valuable to the UK bringing essential skills that could benefit the economy, while 59 percent said having a diverse society was good for British culture.
Although overall, the people of the UK were more positive about immigration than not – four in ten felt immigration had undermined British culture. 
The authored of the report are calling for a ‘national conversation’ in an official capacity about immigration to give the public an opportunity to speak about any concerns they have. 
Jill Rutter, one of the report authors, and director of strategy for think tank British Future said: “The lack of trust we found in the Government to manage immigration is quite shocking. 
“People want to have their voices heard on the choices we make and to hold their leaders to account on their promises."
Review the full report: nationalconversation.uk 


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