Latest YouGov Brexit poll reveals increase in support for 'People's Vote'

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20th March 2019 13:23 - Central Government

Since Theresa May's Brexit deal was rejected in parliament for the second time, a YouGov poll has revealed increased support for a public 'People's Vote'. It also found that the public are losing faith in the government, with just 12% believing parliament is able to solve the issues faced when it comes to Brexit.

When asked about the people having a final say, 48% of the 1,823 respondents polled said they would back a so-called 'People's Vote', compared to 36% who are not in favour. The remainder (16%) answered 'don't know'. This marks a considerable shift since the last poll was undertaken.

Just six weeks ago the question of a second referendum had respondents more equally divided with 42% in support and 41% in opposition. 

The latest survey also highlighted generational differences. While the majority of respondents 50+ were opposed to a public vote (53% to 47% in support), younger voters had a majority of 68% in favour  - with just under a third in opposition (32%).

A softer Brexit such as the 'Norway' option was favoured by 13% of those polled - with 25% saying they felt this option would honour the result of the last referendum. Four in ten (40%) support remaining in the EU, while leaving with 'No-Deal' was backed by just over a third (34%).

The poll also found that most voters do not favour the Government's Withdrawal Agreement. 

Respondent responses indicated that 61% would be in support of remaining in the EU, rather than leaving with Theresa May's Brexit Deal (supported by 39%) - that's if a referendum offering these options were called. The survey also found that if the question in a public vote was whether they would prefer to stay in the EU or leave without a deal, 57% would vote remain and 43% to leave with no deal. 

When asked about whether the UK is facing a 'national crisis' 42% answered yes, up from a third of voters (33%) who felt the same at the last poll. 

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