London UKIP voters least proud to admit support for the party, survey reveals

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27th April 2015 12:22 - Central Government

A YouGov poll of 1,032 London adults has found that of the political parties, UKIP is party they are least proud to admit voting for.London UKIP voters least proud to admit support for the party, survey reveals

Of the UKIP voters within the sample, just 39 per cent claimed that they would be proud to tell their family and friends that they support the party.

Of the participants, Labour supporters were the most proud of their vote, with 58 per cent saying that they would be willing to tell their family and friends.

49 per cent of Conservative voters said the same, along with 45 per cent of Liberal Democrat voters.

The survey also identified men as the most proud of their vote, with 51 per cent saying that they would declare their vote to people they knew, as opposed to 36 per cent of the female respondents.

Tanya Abraham from YouGov said that the findings highlight a disadvantage for UKIP and the Liberal Democrats, as their supporters are less likely to discuss their vote.

Abraham said of the findings: “Not only do they have fewer supporters but those who plan to vote for them are shyer about discussing political beliefs,” she said.

“This circle of silence may further limit their share of conversations, meaning their policies perhaps don’t get the airing the Tory and Labour ones do.”

The findings also showed that UKIP and Liberal Democrat voters were shy of their party allegiance, with 8 per cent - who vote for either party – identifying themselves as hesitant to admit who they vote for. A further 2 per cent of Labour supporters and 5 per cent of Conservative supporters said that they felt the same.

50 per cent of the participants, aged 60 and over, said they were proud to tell people who they are planning to vote for in 2015's general election, which is almost double the amount of 18 to 24 year olds who felt the same (28 per cent).

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