Majority of UK adults think the Government is focussing too much on Brexit

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3rd January 2018 13:16 - Central Government

Majority of UK adults think the Government is focussing too much on Brexit: In a poll taken by 1,509 adults shortly before the NHS winter crisis, three fifths (60%) of those surveyed believed that the ministers of Brexit have ignored “important domestic issues.”

In addition to the current NHS climate, a number of national issues including the housing crisis, education and the UK’s economy continue to remain the general public’s top concerns, rather than Brexit negotiation deals.  Despite 51.9 percent of the UK voting to leave the European Union (EU), when asked if they agreed with the statement “the Government has spent too much time focussing on Brexit and has forgotten about important domestic issues”, over half (59%) agreed to some extent. Majority of UK adults think the Government is focussing too much on Brexit

In detail, the votes were as followed:

·       19% strongly agreed

·       41% somewhat agreed

·       12% somewhat disagreed

·       3% strongly disagreed

The remainder did not know or had a neutral opinion.

The UK is set to leave the EU at 23:00 on Friday the 29th of March 2019 and with the finance settlement agreed upon, discussions for the remainder of the time are focussed on the UK’s post-Brexit relationship with the EU.

The discussions on Brexit initially started on the 19th of June 2017, yet part of the hold up with the Brexit negotiations related to struggles to secure the withdrawal deal after prolonged discussions with DUP with regards to Northern Ireland’s borders and citizens’ rights. 

When respondents were asked what they thought of the current PM, the satisfaction with Jeremy Corbyn is greater than the satisfaction with Theresa May as results revealed:

Ms May:

·       35% satisfied

·       65% dissatisfied

Mr Corbyn

·       44% satisfied

·       56% dissatisfied 

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