Market Research Poll: MPs Right to Reject Syria Military Action

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3rd September 2013 11:24 - Central Government

In a recent market research study by ICM Research, almost three quarters (71%) of people believe MPs were right to reject UK military action in Syria. The poll also suggested that, among respondents, seven tenths (72%) did not think the move would damage the UK-US relationship – and two thirds (67%) said they would not care if it did.

Almost half (49%) of respondents thought the vote would hurt Britain’s international reputation, while a almost a fifth (16%) believed it would hurt the country’s reputation a lot. However, over two fifths (44%) thought that it would not make any difference.

Those aged under thirty five appeared slightly more concerned than most about the UK’s standing, with three fifths (57%) agreeing the country’s reputation would be tarnished.

Furthermore, voters appeared split on their opinion of the way the prime minister was handling the situation, with 42% disapproving and 40% approving it. Ed Miliband – Labour leader – had a “net approval rating” of -6 for his handling of the issue.

A YouGov poll suggested that half (50%) were against a missile strike, while a quarter (25%) were in favour. Meanwhile, an Opinium Research poll reported that three fifths (60%) were opposed to British military action.

BBC Political Research Editor David Cowling, said:

“The British public certainly don't have an appetite for our [military] engagement.”

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