Market Research Sends Mix Messages About Scottish Independence

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27th August 2014 11:47 - Central Government

With fewer than four weeks to go until the referendum on Scottish independence takes place on 18th September, numerous opinion surveys are sending mixed messages about the likely outcome of the vote. Whilst polls have repeatedly found the pro-Union argument to be leading, the extent of that lead has varied wildly.

The most recent poll released by YouGov suggests support for those voting ‘No’ for independence is at 57%, with those voting for ‘Yes’ at 43%. These figures do not include undecided, which have been removed.

However, a number of political commentators have suggested that the key group for this election will be those who have not made any suggestion as to their previous voting habits or intentions – around ten percent of the Scottish electorate. In addition, other commentators have suggested that this referendum is even more difficult to predict, as there are precedents on which to base assumptions.

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