More than half British public do not trust the Government to manage Covid-19, reveals survey

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9th December 2020 13:47 - Central Government

More than half British public do not trust the Government to manage Covid-19: A survey of the British public has found that the majority (57%) do not trust the Government to control the coronavirus pandemic.

The survey by Kings College London polled 2,244 respondents online in mid-November and found that this is the first time that a majority have reported a lack of trust in the Government's management of the crisis.

When asked about the level of support/opposition they have regarding the Government's Covid-19 strategy, 44% of respondents said they are in support, compared to a quarter (25%) who are opposed to it.

Back in April, the same survey found that 42% of respondents felt that the Government's response had been 'confused and inconsistent', which, in this latest research has risen to almost seven in 10. Also up from the start of the pandemic is the number of Brits who think that the Government has adapted poorly to changing scientific knowledge - up from 15% in April, to around one in four currently.

More than two-fifths (45%) said that when it comes to protecting the futures of our young people during the crisis, the Government has done a 'bad job', with a similar percentage (56%) saying they have done a poor job of looking after the health of vulnerable citizens and the elderly.

Director of the Policy Institute at King's College London, Professor Bobby Duffy, said of the findings:

"The UK government began this crisis with seven in 10 people saying they trusted its handling of the pandemic - but it has haemorrhaged public confidence ever since."

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