More than half UK adults will miss aspects of lockdown, reveals poll

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4th March 2021 09:08 - Central Government

More than half UK adults will miss aspects of lockdown: Following the government's announcment outlining its roadmap to lifting coronavirus restrictions, a survey of UK adults has found that more than half (55%) will miss 'some' or 'many' aspects of lockdown life. 

The YouGov poll of 3,057 people was conducted on March 2 and found that 46% will miss 'some things' about lockdown life, while almost one in 10 (9%) think they will miss 'many' things.

On the contrary, nearly two-fifths (39%) said they would not miss a thing about lockdown, whilst 6% were unsure. 

When it comes to regions, Londoners will miss lockdown the most according to the findings (63%), with more than half the respondents polled (52%) saying they would miss 'some' aspects, and 11% saying they will miss 'many' elements. Almost a third (32%) said they will not miss it at all.  People in the Midlands/Wales will miss lockdown the least, with 41% saying they will miss 'some' aspects, while 8% will miss 'many' and two-fifths (41%) saying they will not miss anything at all. One in 10 said they 'don't know' if they will miss their current life following Covid-19 rules.

Looking at the breakdown by age, 66% of 25-49 year-olds said they will miss some (52%) or many (14%) aspects of lockdown – compared to 40% of those aged 65+ who said the same.

The research also found that 55% of respondents aged 65+ (55%) will not miss anything about lockdown, which is double the number of 25-49 year-olds asked the same question (28%).

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