Nearly half (47%) of Brits disapprove of Boris Johnson’s overall job performance, reveals survey

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29th September 2021 13:05 - Central Government

Nearly half (47%) of Brits disapprove of Boris Johnson’s overall job performance: A recent survey has revealed that nearly half of British citizens do not believe Boris Johnson has done a satisfactory job since he became Prime Minister; on the other hand, 32% approve of the work he has done, leaving 21% undecided.
The study by Redfield and Wilson Strategies in July 2021 was commissioned to uncover the British public’s opinions about Boris Johnson’s character traits; and revealed less than one in four (24%) believe that Boris Johnson keeps his promises.
Just under half (49%) of the British population either disagree or strongly disagree that the Prime Minister ‘cares about people like me’, with just one in four agreeing with the statement. Furthermore, just 35% are of the opinion that Boris Johnson is a strong leader, with 18% unable to agree or disagree.
When asked whether they thought Boris Johnson was consistent in his decision making, less than one in four respondents thought he was, with 56% of the view that the Prime Minister’s decision making was irregular.
The survey also showed the disparity between male and female views on Boris Johnson’s traits; with men showing more trust in the Prime Minister in terms of keeping his promises and consistency in decision making. One in four men believe Boris Johnson keeps his promises, compared to 22% of women.
Similarly, the study also shows difference in opinions between ages – 34% of those aged between 25 and 34 believe Boris Johnson cares about people like them, while just 19% of 45-55-year-olds share the same view.
Furthermore, 58% of 55-64-year-olds either disagree or strongly disagree that Boris Johnson is organised while just 19% of both the 45-54 and 65+ age groups would agree with the statement.

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