Nearly three in five people in London don’t want Scotland to influence English decisions

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6th January 2015 17:25 - Central Government

A new poll by YouGov has found that nearly three in five (58%) people in London want Scottish MPs to be exempt from English decision-making.Nearly three in five people in London don’t want Scotland’s influence on English decisions

The findings showed that 58 per cent of the respondents believe that MPs from Scottish constituencies should not be given the means to vote in Commons on matters, which do not affect Scotland.

The survey’s findings come at a time near Burns Night – the date when Government is set to produce a legislative proposal for notable devolution of Scotland.

The proposal will reiterate the perspective of Conservative backbenchers, that an “English vote for English law” mentality should be adopted within Westminster.

Approximately four in five supporters of Conservative and UKIP from London think that Scottish MPs shouldn’t be allowed to have a say on matters, which do not regard Scotland.

Some two in five people who support Labour hold the same idea, as well as three in five of those planning to vote for the Liberal Democrats in the next general election.

Lord Prescott has hit back at the Conservative’s claims that it is “a fundamental issue of fairness” that Scotland’s MPs should not decide on issues which don’t involve them, by claiming that David Cameron is deliberately aiming to gather an “English Parliament”.

It has been speculated that should Scotland lose its voting rights on English issues, Labour’s control within the Westminster Parliament may be hindered. This would still be the case if the party had an overall majority in the House of Commons.

In the wake of suggestions that the Scottish National Party (SNP) have potential to do well in the general election, Alex Salmond, SNP’s former leader, claimed that he will be standing for the Westminster Parliament.

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