Nearly three-quarters of Brits support part-time furlough scheme, reveals survey

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25th September 2020 02:16 - Central Government

Nearly three-quarters of Brits support part-time furlough scheme: As the new scheme is announced to help support businesses through the next six months of disruption caused by Covid-19, a survey has found that 73% are in support of part-time furlough measures. 

The YouGov survey polled 1541 UK adults on 24 September, before Chancellor, Rishi Sunak announced the new Job Support Scheme, which will start in November and will top up the wages of employees who are not able to return to their jobs full-time. 

Respondents were asked the day before the announcement if they would support a new furlough scheme which enabled workers to return to work on a part-time basis - with 73% in support. Just 11% said they would not support such a scheme. 

Breaking the results down further, the survey revealed that 82% of Lib Dem supporting respondents were in favour of the measures (43% in strong support and 39% 'somewhat in support'), compared with 81% of Labour (43% strongly in support and 38% somewhat in support), and 75% of Conservative voters (24% strongly in support and 61% 'somewhat' in support). 

When it comes to those opposed to the new scheme, 15% of Conservative voters said they were not in favour, compared to 10% of Labour voters and 8% of Lib Dems. 

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