One in 10 Northerners believe the Government’s ‘levelling up’ plans will not make improvements locally before the next general election, reveals survey

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24th November 2021 18:26 - Central Government

One in 10 Northerners believe the Government’s ‘levelling up’ plans will not make improvements locally before the next general election: A recent survey by the Northern Agenda has revealed that 10% of Northerners believe the Government’s new ‘levelling up’ will not make their local area better before the next general election scheduled for 2024. Furthermore, 18% of respondents said they don’t expect any improvements to be made within the next 10 years.
The study polled over 1,000 people in the North of England wanting their opinions on the Government’s new policy. Over two-thirds (69%) of respondents stated the plans to improve their local area would never work. In addition, just 3% said they believe there would be improvements before the end of 2022.
When asked about what they would like to see improved, a third said they’d like better living standards. Furthermore, 18% said upgrading the transport systems would be the best improvements; such as trainlines, roads and all public transport.
In addition, 14% of those surveyed said they believe the biggest improvement would be to invest in training and life skills; while one in 10 said they believe local authorities should have more power.
The survey aimed to uncover participant opinions about the North as a whole, not just within their local area. It uncovered that 96% of Northerners feel it should be a main priority for the Government to reduce the difference in inequalities between the North and the South.
The participants were also asked about how much they trust the Conservatives and the Labour party, finding that just 16% trust the Conservatives more than the Labour party. On the other hand, 41% stated they trust the Labour party more than the Conservatives, leaving 43% to say they trust neither.

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