One third of Scots want to leave the EU, survey finds

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29th June 2015 16:01 - Central Government

Research on behalf of think tank, British Future, has revealed that one third of Scottish people expect to vote against staying in the EU, in the One third of Scots want to leave the EU, survey findsupcoming referendum.

The researchers questioned 1,000 Scottish people and found that 33.7 per cent of the respondents would either definitely vote out if the EU, or were ”leaning” towards voting that way.

Of the respondents, 53.5 per cent said that they expected to vote to stay in Europe, which left 12.8 per cent who were unsure how they were going to vote.

When asked whether they trust David Cameron’s speeches on remaining in Europe, 40 per cent of Scots said that they did not trust him. However, 53 per cent of the Scottish people surveyed said that they did trust Nicola Sturgeon when she spoke about the same topic.

On the other hand, the same percentage of British people (53 per cent) said that they do not trust her when she speaks about Europe.

The results of the survey suggest that Scotland is more in favour of Britain remaining in Europe than British people are, with 41.3 per cent of British people saying that they will be voting against staying in the EU.

Director of British Future, Sunder Katwala, said of the findings:

“It’s well-known that Scotland is a bit keener on Europe than the English, as confirmed in this survey. But in a referendum where every vote counts, Scotland’s pro-EU establishment still has some work to do – a third of Scots have more sympathy with the ‘out’ camp.

“Like the rest of Britain, the EU referendum is still up for grabs for either side.”

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