Poll Finds Britons Want Wider Internet Coverage not Faster Broadband Speeds

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7th January 2013 16:00 - Central Government


A poll on behalf of the think tank called Policy Exchange has found that despite the Government’s focus on allocating public funding to increase the nation’s broadband speeds, Britons would rather have decent basic broadband coverage for the entire country.

As many as two thirds (64%) of the surveyants thought that Internet for all is of higher priority than chasing very fast broadband speeds in some areas of the UK at the expense of others.

In addition, four out of five people polled thought that every household should be able to have Internet access, while only one in four though it fair for Britons in remote areas to have to pay more for an Internet connection.

The study has produced a report which suggests that more public funding should be spent on ensuring Internet access is available nationwide to help the 10.8 million people who are not yet online - half of whom are over 65.

In addition, the report asks that after current targets of accelerating the roll out of 4G wireless networks and ensuring a universal broadband speed of two megabits per second (mbps) by 2015 are met, the Government should focus its spending priority on wider online access as well as empowering consumers and businesses to make the best use of the Internet.

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