Public do not believe the Government can secure personal data, survey finds

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19th October 2016 12:42 - Central Government

Public do not believe the Government can secure personal data, survey finds: According to a recent survey by YouGov and the data-security firm, Covata, 57 per cent of the respondents admitted that they do not trust Government departments to share their personal data with other Government departments. This revelation came after the respondents were asked whether they believed that it would be more effective to communicate with the Government and utilise it services if its departments communicated personal data and information with one another.Public do not believe the Government can secure personal data, survey finds

The respondent’s biggest concerns surrounding their personal data lying with the Government’s departments surrounded around the chance of data being leaked and hacked.

YouGov surveyed 1,658 individuals to glean its results and questioned the participants on the general public’s feelings surrounding the Government’s utilisation of data and security measures.

Of the respondents, a large 79 per cent said that they do not have a lot of faith in the UK Government’s ability to stop data being misused. This group said that they either did not believe or did not know whether the Government possessed the correct technology and resources to prevent possible cyber attacks or be alerted to data security breaches.

Covata intend to use these survey findings to back its argument that the Government should make more use of cloud services and stop placing such reliance on what they called “IT giants”.

The company have penned an open letter to the Government ministers which said that whilst the Government has made notable changed to begin to digitalise its services, it did need to improve its trust amongst the public, who are not sure whether they can trust the Government with their personal data.

In the letter, Covata suggested that to increase the public’s confidence, they must follow strict security measures and actively encrypt all sensitive information by default, amongst several other suggestions.

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