Recent reports reveal MPs may have an extra-long holiday

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29th June 2017 10:02 - Central Government

Recent reports reveal MP's may have an extra-long holiday

Recent reports reveal MPs may have an extra-long holiday: Journalists across the UK have reported on the discussion of the possibility of the government bringing forward MPs’ summer break; giving them a total of 12 weeks holiday.

Initially starting on the 20th of July 2017, the date of the summer recess period is expected to change, with discussions of moving the break to an earlier date. Yet the parliamentary arithmetic could result in Tory MPs scrapping any personal and business-related holidays abroad during the upcoming sitting.

Even if the holidays or business meetings have been previously scheduled, they are still subjected to be under review over the next upcoming months, in the hope of disallowing MPs from skipping votes.

Withstanding the recent outcome of the UK’s general election, the summer break was brought forward in the hope of calming tensions between Tory MPs; thus increasing the likelihood of rescheduling the September sitting to October. However, with a hung-parliament and the Conservatives’ vote at stake, the Telegraph states that “there is extra pressure put on the whips, who are in charge of ensuring MP’s turn up to vote.”

The plan to extend the holiday period was initially put in place to prevent Theresa May from facing the possibility of MPs rebelling, while they sit in parliament. However, it can be argued that the extended break could delay the process for MPs to bring forward any campaigns, or issues, that they are eager to deal with.  

Alternatively, MPs are expected to amend their calendar so that they can attend the sitting. Nonetheless, the break gives also gives them opportunity to focus on their constituency, attend local events and conferences and deal with any other constituency caseworks.   

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