Research shows that just 13 per cent think Ed Miliband is capable of being Prime Minister

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14th November 2014 16:35 - Central Government

It has been a bad week for Ed Miliband, as results of a new survey show only 13 per cent believe he could be prime minister.

It was found that 58 per cent of Labour supporters claim to be “dissatisfied” with Miliband’s leadership performance. Similarly, the number of people among the public who admit to being dissatisfied is three times smaller than that of people who are satisfied.

Last month, Labour was up 4 points with a percentage of 29 per cent. However, Conservatives are better off this month with 2 more points, which gives them a total of 32 per cent of the votes. This successful figure makes it the largest Conservative lead in two years.

Unfortunately for Labour, there has been a significant decrease in individuals backing Miliband’s leadership capabilities.

June’s survey found that just 22 per cent deemed Ed Miliband to be fit to lead the country and 65 per cent thought he was not capable. The figures now stand at 13 per cent in favour and 73 per cent not in favour.

Approximately 23 per cent of those surveyed believed that Labour should form the next government. On the contrary, 63 per cent disagreed.

It was found that only 21 per cent are satisfied with Miliband’s performance and just 26 per cent are satisfied with Nick Clegg’s performance.

As for UKIP, a decrease of two points can be seen for them, leaving them with just 14 per cent of the votes.

Of those surveyed, 30 per cent believe that Nigel Farage is ready to lead the country.

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