SMEs not as confident under the new Conservative government, survey finds

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27th May 2015 13:47 - Central Government

According to a recent survey by Liberis, SMEs in the North West of England have indicated that they are not as confident about the future SMEs not as confident under the new Conservative government, survey findsas they were before the new Conservative majority government.

The survey revealed that of the 1,000 North West businesses questioned, 34 per cent felt less confident about their company’s future since the Conservatives gained a majority vote in the general election this month (May 2015). On the other hand, 25 per cent of the businesses surveyed said that they were more confident now, than they were pre-election. A further 41 per cent said that they felt the same as they did before the general election.

The research also revealed that a large proportion of North West SMEs are uncertain about their future under the majority government.

Of the respondents, 34 per cent said that they do not think that David Cameron will stick to his election pledges surrounding small businesses, as opposed to 32 per cent who believe he will stand by his promises.

44 per cent of the companies questioned said that they were not convinced that access to finance for SMEs will be made easier. However, 22 per cent believed that David Cameron will make it happen.

Of the Conservatives pledges to SMEs, the three promises which North West small business think are the most important and beneficial are: the government cutting red tape, a review of business rates and a review to the disadvantages of self-employed.

31 per cent of the respondents said that the Conservative's election manifesto had not covered the key issues facing SMEs, as opposed to 26 per cent who did.

CEO of Liberis, Paul Mildenstein, said of the findings: “Despite a majority win nationally, there’s still plenty of work needed to gain the confidence of the North West’s small businesses.

“Last week’s announcement of a new Enterprise Bill is a welcome start, but small businesses need to see the detail, a plan of action and a delivery timetable of all the support promised pre-election.”

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