Student support for the Labour Party has fallen, according to poll

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4th September 2019 16:22 - Central Government

Student support for the Labour Party has fallen: According to a recent survey, support for the Labour Party amongst UK students has fallen by almost half over the past 18 months. The research suggests thats students are instead being drawn to Remain supporting political parties.

However, if there were to be a general election tomorrow, the majority of students would still vote for the Labour Party, according to the responses of those who said they were ‘highly likely’ to vote. 

Eighteen months ago in February 2018, seven out of ten (70%) students polled for the Times Higher Education survey said that would vote for the Labour Party. However, in the latest poll (August 2019) Jeremy Corbyn’s party has 38% support, returning to similar levels seen in February 2015 when support was at 34%. 

The survey questioned 1,000 students and found in August 2019 there was increased support for both the Liberal Democrats (19% - up from 10% in February 2019) and the Green Party (18% - up from 7% in February 2019), while support for the Conservative Party fell to 12%, (down from 18% in February 2019). 

Second referendum 

When asked about how they would vote should a second referendum be called, more than three-quarters of students (76%) said they would vote Remain, while 8% supported leaving without a deal. Six percent (6%) said they would support leaving with the Theresa May’s deal. One in ten (10%) said they did not know how they would vote. 

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