Survey Indicates Government Plans to Raise UK Flight Taxes are Counterproductive

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24th November 2011 17:56 - Central Government

As part of their campaign called ‘A Fair Tax on Flying', ABTA has conducted a survey which shows that the majority of the public (69%) are dissatisfied with the exorbitant aviation taxes they have to pay when flying from the UK.

UK passengers currently pay the highest rate of air tax in the world - a family of four flying to the USA will fork out £240 in economy class, rising to £480 in more expensive classes.

Nevertheless, the Government is preparing to further increase Air Passenger Duty (APD) by double the rate of inflation in 2012 as a revenue raising exercise.

ABTA is using the survey results to urge the Government to listen to the public and rethink their plans to increase aviation taxes. They say that this move will negatively impact economic growth since passengers will then choose to fly long haul from the European continent where there are lesser or no taxes.

This is backed by the public becoming increasingly aware of the flight tax they pay, with 65% of the customers surveyed saying they pay close attention to the amount of tax on their tickets, compared to 58% in 2010.

Industry analysts also say that the tax hike will be counterproductive, since 43% of passengers said that a further rise in taxes would put them off flying, resulting in the Government actually ending up receiving less APD taxes.

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