Survey finds 52 per cent of Brits want to see a Brexit following the Paris attacks

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24th November 2015 11:07 - Central Government

A research survey, which was conducted on behalf of The Independent has revealed that more than half (52 per cent) of people are in favour of leaving Survey finds 52 per cent of Brits want to see a Brexit following the Paris attacksthe European Union in the wake of the Paris attacks.

On the other hand, the remaining 48 per cent said that they would like Britain to remain in the European Union.

The researchers – who conducted the study in the week following the tragic terrorist attacks on Paris – spoke to 2,000 British people and discovered that, for the first time in the monthly survey, the majority of Brits want Britain to exit the European Union.

In June, July and September editions of the survey, 55 per cent of people said that they supported staying in the European Union, whereas in October, the percentage decreased slightly to 53 per cent in favour.

In the next two years, Britain will hold a historic referendum on the membership of the European Union. Many pundits believe that the referendum will take place in 2016.

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, will campaign for Britain to stay in the European Union, although, some of the Conservatives are ‘Eurosceptic’ and will make their opinions known, namely welfare axeman, Iain Duncan Smith.

The survey participants were only given two options to vote against: to stay in or to leave the European Union, replicating the same choice voters will have to make on the day of the referendum.

Of the voters who support Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party, the majority said that they wanted to remain in the union, whereas 54 per cent of Conservative supporters said that they want to see a Brexit.

Of the UKIP voters in the survey, 7 per cent said that they want to remain in the European Union.

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